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Situated on the banks of River Vltava, the city has plentiful galleries, theatres, cinemas and other ancient exhibits. It is a political, cultural and economic center of the central part of Europe. From taking a stroll to various cathedrals to historic monuments, this modern and colourful city is full of life and energy. From visiting Charles bridge or planning a trip to remarkable Prague Castle, the city has numerous reasons for you to plan a trip.

Best time to visit: If you are looking to visit Prague then, spring is the best time, so plan your trip between the months of March to May; the weather is pleasant with a cool breeze. Another preferable time is between the months of September to October; the days are long and hence you get more time to explore the city.

How to reach

By Air: The Václav Havel Airport Prague is the city’s official international airport. Situated 18 km from Prague city centre, the airport can be reached within 35 minutes depending on the mode of commutation. Together with Turkish Airlines, we at IndiGo can connect you from India to Prague with multiple flights to Prague as well as to several other European cities from Istanbul.

By Tram: The most frequent and convenient mode of transportation in Prague is tram as it covers major long-distance routes making it the best mode of commutation for outlying areas.

By Bus: Buses in Prague are preferred only to travel to the airport or to areas that remain uncovered by trams or metros.

By Taxi: Taking a taxi tour is also preferred for exploring the best spots in the city, but booking taxis in advance is suggested then to hail.

Getting around: The city’s convenient mode of commutation makes it easy for all to move around in Prague. Hop from various modes of transportation, such as trams, buses, and taxis, etc., to explore the city better or take a foot tour to the neighbourhoods of Prague is also feasible.

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Places to visit in Prague

  • Charles Bridge: One of the oldest bridges in the Czech Republic, Charles Bridge is an epitome of German-Czech architecture. The bridge’s decorative lamps and magnificent statues are an immediate eye-catcher. Standing on 15 pillars, it is 516 meters in length, 9.5 meters in width and 13 meters in height. Covering River Vltava, the bridge is a part of the royal route. This medieval construction is the most renowned bridges in the world.
  • The Prague Castle: The Prague Castle is among the most popular landmarks of the city. Founded in the 9thcentury, the castle was home for Czech rulers and presidents. This complex structure is a picturesque spot that features major attractions, such as historical palaces, offices, church and fortification buildings, and gardens. The enormous castle in the world is spread over an area of 45 hectares.
  • St. Vitus Cathedral: Constructed in a time period of around 600 years, St. Vitus Cathedral is a church that features Gothic architecture. This greatest church is an essence of beauty and one of the major landmarks of Prague. The historical monument plays an important role in the religious and cultural life of the people of the Czech Republic. Some of its views that shouldn’t be missed are the Wallenstein Chapel, St John of Nepomuk Tomb, and Gothic Royal Oratory Balcony.
  • Prague Astronomical Clock: Installed in the year 1410, the Prague Astronomical Clock is one of the oldest operating clocks in the world. This age-old clock has shown time to royalties, commons, and peasants. It shows date, astronomical cycles, time, position of celestial bodies, as well as Christian holidays. The clock features various machines, such as Božka's chronometer, the Apostles, a calendar, etc. Located near to Vltava River makes the ambiance perfect for people who love history and technology.
  • Old Town Square: Founded in the early 12th century, the Old Town Square features various eye-catching constructions like the sophisticated tower of Town Hall, Týn Cathedral, Church of St. Nicholas and multi-coloured homes of various designs and styles. Take a walk tour here to explore the square along with its astonishing surroundings. 

Places to eat in Prague

Ichnusa Botega Bistro
Ichnusa Botega Bistro

Ichnusa Botega Bistro is located in the center of the city, near to the bank of river Vltava. Plan your day here if you are a lover of Sardinian cuisine. Choose from the restaurant’s delicacies, such as pasta, sauces, salami, cheeses along with a sip of wonderful wines. The restaurant’s delectable food menu with a homely and welcoming atmosphere is a must try.

La Bottega Bistroteka
La Bottega Bistroteka

If you are craving for Italian food, then head to La Bottega Bistroteka. It has a different menu for every season. Enjoy from their perfect cuisine, such as appetizers, soups, fresh pasta and then move to its main course dishes. Be here to relish its cuisines prepared using fresh ingredients.


The Kalina restaurant offers French gourmet along with a variety of tasty wine. Its Prague snails with beef marrow and parsley purée, roast sweetbreads are few delicacies not to be missed. Enjoy the place if you are craving for French cuisine.




Based on the northern side of the river, Sasazu is a restaurant that offers Asian cuisine. Being attached to a nightclub makes the place a hub for romantic dinners or celebrations. So, visit the place for an unforgettable gastronomical day.


Shopping in Prague

From fashion boutiques to local street markets, Prague offers multiple shopping options. If you are a budget traveller looking for pocket-friendly stuff or if you are here to drop a lot of cash shopping from brands, the city has it all for you. Enjoy buying popular products to take back home as gifts or souvenirs, such as glass and crystal products, fashion clothing and related accessories, books, cosmetics, and antique pieces.

Rony Plesl Studio: The well-known Rony Plesl Studio is the hub for designer glass products in Prague. Owned by the popular designer Rony Plesl, the studio’s array of glasses includes attractive glass products, such as glass beaded necklaces, wine glasses, crystal vases, etc. If you are looking something fancy to take back home, then visiting the luxurious outlet Rony Plesl Studio should be in your itinerary.  

Shakespeare and Sons: Shopping in the Capital City of Chezh Republic is more than just fashion, antiques and glass products. Enter the world of books, the. Shakespeare and Sons is a bookstore that features a pool of English books for you to sit back and enjoy with every sip of tea or coffee you take. It is more than just a book store so don’t get surprised if you witness an art exhibition or a live music show. 

Kotva Departmental Store: If you are looking to buy everything under one roof, then enter the five-story departmental store Kotva Departmental Store. The store is one of the largest in Prague. Though it offers a lot of products, but the prime focus is on apparels and trendy goods. If you are looking to buy souvenirs at affordable prices back home, then you are at the right place. 


Nightlife in Prague

Enjoying Prague’s nightlife will change your life altogether. From five-story nightclubs to cozy bars, from thriving dance clubs to amazing pubs that allows beer pouring at your own ease, the city is a popular nightlife destination in the world.

Lucerna Music Bar: If you are heading towards Wenceslas Square for a stroll, then don’t miss to visit Lucerna Music Bar; one of the largest nightclubs in Prague. This fast-filling bar boasts about its spacious dance floors. Rejoice dancing on numbers played by popular in-house DJs. The bar is also known to host concerts by celebrities.

Chapeau Rouge: If you are looking for a late-night party destination, then head to Chapeau Rouge a party bar. Located near to the Old Town Square, the bar is a hub for local Czechs, as well as visitors. This dimly lit bar features an old-fashioned ambiance and is the most preferred place for a night out.

Roxy: One of the Prague’s staple nightclubs, Roxy is a place with exclusive artwork and colourful interiors. The club’s comfortable and pleasant ambience makes it the most-visited place in Prague. So, be here and groove all night. 

Where to stay in Prague


Hotel Golden Crown The Hotel Golden Crown is a property that offers modernly designed rooms. This historic hotel building is located at a distance of less than half a kilometer from the Wenceslas Square and the Old Town Square. If you are looking to stay near the city’s popular landmarks, then plan your stay here.


Grandior Hotel Prague If you are looking to stay in the heart of the city centre, then Grandior Hotel Prague is the place to head at. The hotel offers spacious rooms along with free Wi-Fi access to all. Its fully equipped rooms feature adjustable air-conditioners, LCD TV-sets with cable channels, minibar, and coffee and tea making facilities.


Gorgeous Prague Rooms If you are looking for a budget hotel, then Gorgeous Prague Rooms is the place you should head to. This pocket-friendly property offers comfy rooms that features attached bathrooms with free toiletries and a hairdryer. Don’t miss the flavoursome breakfast that is served in the Cathedral Cafe.


Grandium Hotel Prague Grandium Hotel Prague is an accommodation that offers well-equipped rooms that features an air-conditioner, LCD satellite TV set, and free tea and coffee making facilities. After a tiring stroll of the city, enjoy a relaxing time at its spa centre.

More reasons to visit Prague

The Dancing House: Constructed in the memory of two dancers, duo of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, the Dancing House features space for offices and restaurants. It’s the most famous restaurant, Ginger & Fred is a key attraction among locals and visitors. The restaurant’s modern-style interior along with French and international cuisines are reasons enough for you to entice to be here. Featuring nine floors, the tower’s construction style is a true resemblance of a dancing couple.

The Powder Tower: Formerly functioned as a gunpowder store, the Powder Tower is one of the supreme monuments that feature Gothic architecture. The tower commonly called as the ‘Powder Gate’ is a part of Celetná street, which connects to the royal route. It is one of the best treasured spots of Prague among tourists. 


Visa and Immigration

If you’re an Indian passport holder travelling to Prague, then you have to apply for Schengen visa online with the documents required. The Schengen visa is a short stay visa issued to visit the Schengen countries; the visa is issued to tourists that are planning to visit their friends, family or other travelling on non-business trips for up to 90 days from the date of entry. Your visit can be either continuous or several, depending upon the visa type; single entry or multiple entry. Another essential point to note while applying for the visa is that your passport should be valid for 6 months from your date of travel.

To ensure a hassle-free and seamless travel, here is a detailed information about the Prague visa –


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