Casablanca: Exploring the Charms of Morocco

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Welcome to Casablanca, where the magic of the past dances gracefully with the dynamic rhythm of the present, creating intriguing sights and stories waiting to be discovered. Casablanca is a popular tourist destination and business hub with modern infrastructure. You can now embark on a journey from India to Casablanca by booking IndiGo’s flights from India to Morocco. Moroccan hospitality is well-known, and Casablanca is no exception. Casablanca is Morocco's economic capital and one of Africa's leading financial centres. 

The city's rich history is a fusion of Arab, Berber, French, and Spanish influences, evident in its unique architecture, cuisine, and arts. Tourists can see the magnificent Hassan II Mosque and explore beautiful beaches, museums, and historical landmarks. Additionally, Casablanca's significance is heightened by the classic movie, “Casablanca”, making it an even more intriguing place for tourists. Book flights to Casablanca with IndiGo to explore the city's diverse attractions with ease. IndiGo offers these flights in a codeshare partnership with Turkish Airlines for an exciting cultural experience and enhanced travel convenience.

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Best time to visit: The best time to visit Casablanca is during the spring and autumn months, which fall between March-May and September-November, respectively. During these periods, the weather is pleasant with mild temperatures and low humidity. This makes exploring the city's attractions and outdoor activities convenient and comfortable. In the spring, Casablanca experiences blooming flowers and lush greenery. Autumn offers similar advantages, with a bonus of potentially fewer tourists compared to the peak summer season.

How to reach?

By Air: The most common and convenient way to reach Casablanca is by flying to Mohammed V International Airport (CMN), which is the main international airport in the city. Many major airlines operate flights to Casablanca from various countries around the world. IndiGo offers convenient India to Casablanca flights, launched in codeshare partnership with Turkish Airlines, ensuring easy accessibility for travellers.

By Train: Casablanca is well-connected by rail to other cities in Morocco. You can take a train from Casablanca to cities like Marrakech, Rabat, or Fez. The journey is comfortable and offers scenic views.

By Bus: Casablanca has a well developed inter-city bus network, and you can reach the city by bus from other cities within Morocco. Several bus companies operate routes to and from Casablanca.

Getting Around: There are several ways to explore the city of Morocco. Taxis are easily available in Casablanca, and they are a popular choice for short trips within the city. Casablanca also has a modern tramway system that serves various parts of the city. They are an affordable and convenient mode of transportation.

If you prefer a more independent mode of transportation, you can rent a car, and driving in Morocco is a good option if you want to explore more remote areas beyond the city.

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Places to visit

India to Casablanca flights are packed with opportunities to explore diverse cultures, wildlife, and enriching experiences. IndiGo offers these flights in a codeshare partnership with Turkish Airlines. Here are a few of the must-visit places in the city.

  • Hassan II Mosque: Begin your trip to Casablanca with the majestic landmark that is one of the world's largest mosques, Hassan II Mosque. Its minaret stands tall over the Atlantic Ocean. It showcases the best Moroccan craftsmanship in the form of hand-carved stones and wood, detailed marble floors and inlays, golden cedar ceilings, and beautiful geometric mosaic tiles called zellige. It is also one of the biggest mosques in Africa.
  • Corniche: The Corniche can fulfil your desire to experience the serene beaches of Morocco. This waterfront promenade stretches along the Atlantic Ocean and offers breathtaking views and a refreshing escape. It is lined with palm trees, and is a favourite spot for locals and tourists alike. Here, you can also savour delicious Moroccan cuisine or simply sip on mint tea at the many cafes and beachside restaurants, while gazing at the glistening water. 
  • OldMedina: If you want to gain insights into Moroccan history and heritage, then Old Medina is the place. Step into this ancient walled city and be ready to be transported to a world of narrow winding alleyways and bustling souks. Explore the traditional architecture that reflects the rich cultural tapestry of Morocco. The labyrinthine alleys here are lined with shops and stalls where local artisans display their skillfully crafted goods. You can explore the vibrant textiles and intricate ceramics to ornate metalwork and traditional leather goods. The lively souks are a perfect place to shop, bargain, and feel like a local for this one day. 
  • Ain Diab Beach: Spend some time at the Ain Diab Beach observing its golden sand stretching for miles and the azure water of the Atlantic Ocean gently lapping the shore. It exudes an air of tranquillity and serenity. Take a sunbath under the warm Moroccan sun and enjoy the refreshing sea breeze. The beach offers ample space for lounging, picnicking, and engaging in various water activities. Do some surfing or take a boat ride while here.
  • Royal Palace of Casablanca: The Royal Palace of Casablanca is one of the four royal palaces in Morocco. It serves as the official residence of the King. While the palace itself is not open to the public, its stunning architecture and grandeur can be admired from the outside. The Royal Palace is located in the Habous neighbourhood and is a significant landmark in the city. Visitors can explore the surrounding area and take in the beautiful exterior of the palace, which is known for its traditional Moroccan design. 
  • Museum of Moroccan Judaism: History enthusiasts wouldn't want to miss the Museum of Moroccan Judaism. It is a terrific cultural institution in the heart of Casablanca. The museum stands as a significant testament to the rich Jewish heritage that once flourished in the country. You can explore a diverse collection of artefacts, exhibits, and historical documents that shed light on the centuries-old Jewish presence in Morocco. 
  • Mohammed V Square: Mohammed V Square is another gem in the city. It is a prominent public square with great historical and cultural significance. The square is named after King Mohammed V, who played a crucial role in the country's struggle for independence. Majestic colonial-era buildings surround Mohammed V Square, exuding an air of true elegance. It serves as a gathering place for locals and tourists alike. The square's iconic landmark is the statue of Mohammed V

Places to eat

Traditional Moroccan dishes have influences from Berber, Arab, and French cuisine. You'll find flavorful tagines, aromatic couscous, and delicious desserts like baklava and pastilla. 

  • Le Petit Rocher: This charming restaurant offers a delightful dining experience with a cosy ambience and a focus on traditional Moroccan cuisine. For dessert lovers, Le Petit Rocher doesn't disappoint. Be tempted by their delectable pastries, skillfully prepared with a delicate touch of sweetness. Complement your meal with a refreshing glass of traditional Moroccan mint tea, perfectly balancing the flavours of your dining experience.
  • La Sqala: La Squala is situated within the walls of an old fortress. It offers a unique setting and a menu filled with Moroccan and Mediterranean dishes. Dine in their beautiful courtyard, surrounded by lush greenery and colourful tiles. Their seafood platters and savoury tagines provide a true taste of Casablanca's coastal flavours. As you dine under the open sky, La Sqala is a treat for the senses. The ambient sounds of live music and traditional performances create an enchanting atmosphere.
  • Rick's Cafe: Rick's Cafe is inspired by the iconic movie, Casablanca. The restaurant captures the romantic allure of the city. You can enjoy the blend of Moroccan and international cuisines, while surrounded by elegant decor and live music. The restaurant's warm and attentive staff adds to the overall charm. Feast on their famous lamb couscous or try their rich seafood paella for a delightful fusion of flavours.


Casablanca's shopping scene is evolving, with new developments and retail spaces emerging over time. Here are some of the top places to shop in Casablanca:

  • Morocco Mall: As one of the largest shopping centres in Africa, Morocco Mall offers a premier shopping experience. This upscale mall features a wide range of international and local brands, luxury boutiques, and department stores. From fashion to electronics and home decor, you can find it all here. Apart from brand outlets and shops, the mall has an indoor aquarium and an array of dining options.
  • Habous Quarter: For a taste of traditional Moroccan shopping, head to the Habous Quarter (also known as the New Medina). The neighbourhood is filled with narrow alleys lined with shops selling handicrafts, ceramics, spices, and traditional Moroccan clothing. The Habous Quarter exudes a vibrant and authentic atmosphere, making it an excellent place to treat yourself with local culture and find unique souvenirs.
  • Anfa Place Shopping Center: Anfa Place Shopping Center is a modern and stylish destination for shopping. The shopping centre has a variety of shops, including fashion boutiques, electronics stores, and home goods. It provides a lovely setting to shop and enjoy stunning ocean views.

Where to stay? 

Casablanca is home to several luxury hotels offering top-notch amenities, upscale dining options, and excellent services. Given Casablanca's status as Morocco's economic capital and a significant business hub, there are also many business-oriented hotels also that cater to corporate travellers. For travellers looking for a more personalised experience, there are boutique hotels. Here are some of the best options in Casablanca:

  • Hyatt Regency Casablanca: This hotel offers a luxurious stay in the heart of the city. With spacious rooms, modern amenities, and beautiful views of the ocean and the city, Hyatt Regency provides a comfortable and convenient base for exploring Casablanca. The hotel has conference facilities, business centres, excellent dining options, rooftop pool, and spa for relaxation.
  • Hotel Le Doge Casablanca: For a boutique experience, consider staying at Hotel Le Doge. It is located in central Casablanca. This charming property showcases a blend of Art Deco and Moroccan architecture. 
  • Sofitel Casablanca Tour Blanche: The Sofitel Casablanca Tour Blanche offers a modern and sophisticated stay. It is located in the city centre. The hotel boasts contemporary rooms with all the necessary comforts, and guests can savour delicious Moroccan and international cuisine at its restaurants.

More reasons to visit

Casablanca's proximity to beautiful beaches, such as Ain Diab and Bouznika, allows visitors to enjoy sun-kissed shores and water sports. Therefore, it is a great destination for beach lovers. Casablanca also has other reasons to make it a must-visit place for visitors. 

  • Casablanca Festival: Throughout the year, Casablanca hosts various cultural festivals and events, celebrating music, film, arts, and more. Attending these festivals offers a fantastic opportunity to immerse yourself in the city's arts and cultural scene. Casablanca Festival, also known as the "Festival of Casablanca" or "Festival de Casablanca", is an annual cultural event held in the city. The festival celebrates the city's rich heritage, artistic diversity, and cosmopolitan spirit of Morocco. The festival features several music concerts, dance shows, theatre productions, art exhibitions, and film screenings. Renowned artists from Morocco and beyond take centre stage. The event typically takes place during the summer months and can help you create lasting memories of Casablanca's lively spirit.

Visa and Immigration

Are you planning to Visit Morocco? IndiGo’s codeshare partnership with Turkish Airlines makes it easier to book India to Morocco flights. Morocco warmly welcomes travellers from around the world. While Indian passport holders currently do not have the convenience of obtaining a visa on arrival (VOA), the country offers a straightforward and efficient visa application process. For that, you must obtain a Morocco visa before legally entering the country. You will need specific documents like a colour photo, copy of your valid passport, a return flight ticket, and evidence of sufficient financial funds. For more information regarding the visa, you can visit Morocco’s official government website.

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