HIV/AIDS workplace policy


IndiGo understands the seriousness of the HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) epidemic and acknowledges that AIDS is a chronic and life-threatening disease with social, economic and human rights implications.

The objective of this policy is to reinforce that IndiGo is an equal opportunity employer and thereby, provide a set of guidelines for developing a non-discriminatory and inclusive workplace where employees feel respected irrespective of their actual or perceived HIV status. 

 Applicability & Effective Date

  1. HIV/AIDS workplace policy applies to all the employees of IndiGo including the employees working as contractual employees, trainees, interns and consultants and job applicants.
  2. The policy is effective from November 1, 2015.

Policy Guidelines  

Following guidelines will be applicable for the management of employees/job applicants, infected with HIV/AIDS.   

  1. IndiGo as an equal opportunity employer, shall not insist on compulsory HIV testing or screening of job applicants during the pre-employment medical test or anytime during the course of their employment without informed written consent and pre-test counseling.
  2. No discrimination shall be allowed against an employee infected with HIV/AIDS with regard to Job application, promotions, training, transfers, or any other privilege or employment benefit applicable within the same job classification.
  3. HIV infection would not be a cause for termination of employment as IndiGo acknowledges the desire and the ability of HIV-positive employees to work. The infected employees shall be allowed to work as long as they are able to perform their duties in accordance to the job requirements, with reasonable accommodation.
  4. IndiGo does not require the employees/job applicants to disclose their HIV status, except, on a purely voluntary basis. Details of employees/job applicants confirmed to have AIDS or to be HIV positive shall be kept strictly confidential.
  5. IndiGo will not tolerate any form of stigmatization of employees/job applicants on the basis of their actual or perceived HIV status and shall promote solidarity, care and support for the employees infected with HIV/AIDS.
  6. Any grievance or concern related to stigmatization or discrimination of HIV / AIDS-infected employees may be reported to Bela Chawla (Complaint Officer) at The Compliance Committee will conduct an investigation and accordingly take necessary action.
  7. The Complaints Officer shall comply with the data protection measures in accordance with the provisions of section 11 of the HIV and AIDS (Prevention and Control Act 2017, for Establishments) (Rule 13)
  8. This policy is being revised in pursuant to/in accordance with Model Policy of HIV and AIDS Policy for Establishment 2022 


  1. Human Immunodeficiency Virus: A virus that weakens the body’s immune system i.e. the body’s natural ability to fight diseases. HIV is transmitted when blood or body fluids from someone who is HIV-positive enter someone else’s bloodstream.
  2. Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome: A condition when ‘a cluster of clinical signs and symptoms appear at the most advanced stages of HIV infection when HIV progressively destroys the body’s immune system and its ability to fight infections.
  3. Reasonable Accommodation: Any modification or adjustment to a job or to the workplace that is reasonably practicable and will enable a person living with AIDS or HIV to have access to or participate or advance in employment.
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