International Travel Tips

Handy tips for your international flight

Planning your international trip with IndiGo? For us, your comfort and safety are top priority, and here are some tips to make your journey even more hassle-free. 

Tips for travelling with an infant:

  1. Reach the airport well ahead of time to avoid last-minute stress.
  2. Pick a seat of your choice and comfort.
  3. You can comfortably seat the infant on your lap during the flight. We currently do not provide a bassinet, baby car seat, or a seat belt for infants on board.
  4. Blankets and neck pillows are available on board for purchase to keep you and your baby warm and cosy during the flight.
  5. Carry a sufficient amount of food for your baby. Baby food is currently not available on board, but we can always help you with hot water to prepare the same. 
  6. Babies’ ears are more sensitive to changes in air pressure. It is recommended to feed the infant during take-off and landing to relieve air pressure and avoid discomfort.


Other tips to make your journey more comfortable:

  1. We offer through check-in for connecting international flights booked on a single PNR. Your checked-in baggage will directly reach your destination without you having to collect it during transit.
  2. Download your favourite video-on-demand content on your device beforehand for offline entertainment.
  3. It is a medically proven fact that cotton or earplugs do not prevent earache during flight. Chewing candies, gums, or sipping a hot beverage helps, and it is advised you keep the same handy for your comfort.
  4. Neck pillow, eye mask, dental kit, and blanket are available on board for purchase to make your travel a comfortable experience. You can also pre-book the same on our website and collect it on board.
  5. Remember to keep a power bank in your hand baggage to ensure your devices never run out of charge
  6. You can pre-book or buy snacks on board from our exclusive range of delicacies. Enjoy up to 20% off when you pre-book a snack combo before your flight. Check out our exclusive menu if you are travelling to Chengdu, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Jeddah Riyadh, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Istanbul, Bangkok, and Phuket. Do remember to inform our crew in case you have any food allergies.
  7. You can purchase a service on board and pay in USD or in local currency of your origin or destination (except for India*), or using your Visa or Mastercard Credit Card. Coins are not accepted on any of our international flights.
    *Due to Indian Exchange Control Regulations, cash payment in INR is not currently accepted on any of our international flights, except for flights to and from Kathmandu
  8. In case you require special assistance, please request for the same 48 hours before your departure so that we can ensure you have a comfortable journey.
  9. Alcohol is available for purchase on select international flights; you may also pre-book the same 24 hours before the departure.
  10. You can purchase duty-free liquor on board. We will be happy to pack it in a secured bag and hand it over to you just before your land. 
  11. You can carry liquor purchased from duty-free on your flight. 
  12. Please remember the consumption of duty-free liquor is strictly prohibited on board.
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