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Pune is a popular city in the state of Maharashtra. It is, in fact, a primary city that is located nearby mountain towns. Although Pune is known to have several educational hubs like universities, the city has stunning landscape and a series of tourist attractions. You can avail many benefits by booking your flight to Pune with Indigo. You can book Kolkata to Pune flight tickets with IndiGo website or mobile app and add services. Through the fast-forward service, you can skip the queue, you can also add 6E Food menu where you are able to pre-book your meals.

In the city of Pune, you can explore some of the best attractions which include nature, history and more. You can have a look at museums, gardens, forts, palaces and by booking the lowest flight from Kolkata to Pune with IndiGo. When you book Kolkata to Pune flights, you'll be able to get out of the city and enjoy lovely scenery without having to travel long distances. To book Kolkata to Pune flight tickets you can check the website of IndiGo.

Kolkata to Pune flights with IndiGo

After booking flights to Pune, you can visit the beautiful city, history-filled museums and lovely gardens. To know more about the flight information, scroll below.

  • Kolkata to Pune distance: The aerial distance between Kolkata and Pune is around 1575 km.
  • Kolkata to Pune flights: To book a Kolkata to Pune flight, visit the official IndiGo website or the mobile application. Make sure to also book return flights from Pune to Kolkata.
  • Kolkata to Pune flight duration: The duration of a Kolkata to Pune flight depends on when you choose to travel. You can go to the website and select your preferred dates.
  • Kolkata to Pune flight price: The fares for flights between Kolkata and Pune may vary depending on when you book your ticket.
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Places to visit in Pune

The city of Pune is full of modern and historical sites that make up for an ideal tourist destination. Well, these are the places you're going to have to visit while you're in Pune.

  • Shivneri Fort: It's about a two hour drive from Pune to Shivner Fort. It was where Emperor Shivaji of the Maratha Empire grew up, and it's one of the most important forts you can visit. The fortress is on the hill, some 300 feet high. Next to it is a statue of Shivaji and his mother, Jijabai, and a lake.
  • Aga Khan Palace: The Aga Khan's palace has a wonderful garden, which is full of flowers. It was ordered by Sultan Mohammed Shah Aga Khan III in 1892. The most popular tourist attraction is the Aga Khan's Palace, which has a charming architecture and beautiful gardens. But, especially in the years of 1942 and 1944, the original palace has also served for another purpose. Mahatma Gandhi, his secretary Mahadev Desai Bhai and their wife Kasturba Gandhi were imprisoned in the Aga Khan Palace.
  • Rajgad Fort: Just a few miles from Pune, the Rajgad fort is one of those magnificent structures that are bound by nature. The fortress, situated at 4,600 feet above sea level, was the Maratha Emperors' capital of more than a quarter century. To reach that fort today is regarded as a challenge, since walking is the only way to the top. Two temples and a magnificent view of the nearby hills and valleys can be seen in this complex.
  • Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum: Not only is the museum home to a vast collection of art from all over India, but it's got much more history than that. This three story building was dedicated to his son, Raja, who died tragically, by Dr. D.G. Kelkar, Director of the Museum. The Museum has a collection of different objects in the field of archaeology, musicology and art since it opened its doors in 1962.
  • Empress Garden: You can come to spend a quiet Sunday afternoon on this massive 39 acres of garden, one of the best gardens in Pune. There are decorative archways between paths, across the garden, and a broad variety of flowers in this garden's layout. The Empress Garden is run by the AgriHorticultural Society with a view to protecting diversity of flowers throughout the region.

Know Pune International Airport

Pune International Airport (PNQ) is a major airport that serves the city of Pune, as well as other nearby towns and cities. The airport is at a distance of approx. 11 km, in Lohegaon.

Reasons to visit Kolkata

Kolkata, which is located in the eastern part of India, captivates travellers with its magnificent palaces and its famous tram system, which is still in operation. If you're booking a flight to Kolkata, find out about these sights.

  • Dakshineswar Temple: It's a temple devoted to the goddess Kali. It's located in the vicinity of the holy Ganga River, and was built by Rani Rashmi.
  • Victoria Memorial: You should go to the Victoria Memorial if you'd like to see places that remind you of British architecture. It was designed in honor of Queen Victoria, by the order of Lord Curzon.
  • Tangra Market or Chinatown:If you're the kind of food lover, Tangra market also known as Chinatown is something to look out for. To satisfy your appetites, try the momos, dishes, noodles and méin.
  • Eden Gardens: The stadium is a member of the Indian army and was set up in 1864. The stadium is managed by the Bengal Cricket Association and all games have been played there.
  • Park Street: From the famous Park Street you can shop as much as you'd like. You'll find anything on Park Street from sarees to a whole range of other stuff.

Know Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport

Kolkata Airport or Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport is 16 km from the city. The IATA code of the airport is CCU.

FAQs about Kolkata to Pune flights

How can I get cheap flight tickets for the Kolkata to Pune route? 

You should plan your travel well in advance and book flight tickets at least two months in advance to get the best deals for Kolkata to Pune flights. You can also avail attractive discounts and deals offered by IndiGo. To know about the same, you can visit the offer page on the IndiGo website. 

How can I know about the last flight on Kolkata to Pune route?

The schedule for flights is subject to change. To stay abreast with the latest flight timings, you can visit the flight schedule page on

How many airports are there in Pune?

Pune has one airport, Pune International Airport (PNQ), that is located at a distance of 10 km from the city.

Does Pune Airport handle both domestic and international flights?

Pune International Airport is located on the north-eastern side of the city in Lohegaon. The airport handles both domestic and international flights.

How many terminals are there in Pune airport?

Pune Airport has two terminals wherein one is for domestic flights and another for international flights. The terminals are equipped with modern facilities to offer a comfortable journey to its travellers.

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