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Belagavi, also known as Belgaum, is situated on the foothills of the Western Ghats of Karnataka. The city is blessed with pleasant weather almost throughout the year. Belagavi is widely known for its greenery and scenic nature. Popularly known as Bamboo Village, Belagavi boasts a rich history with several impressive ancient old forts and monuments. 

Lush green forests, rivers, and magnificent mountains show nature's generosity towards the city. The city is famous for trekking spots, beautiful waterfalls and a series of historical monuments. Overall, with calm, pleasant weather, scenic natural beauty, and a profound legacy, Belagavi attracts tourists throughout the year from across the globe.

Best time to visit Belagavi

The best time to visit Belagavi is between November to March. Let us look at the various seasons round the year to help you plan your trip better.

  • Summer (April – June): Belagavi summers are usually hot and humid, with temperatures going up to 40° C. Tourists should avoid visiting the city during this time.
  • Monsoon (July- September): Starting from July till September, Belagavi experiences heavy monsoon with annual rainfall over 1200 mm.
  • Winter (November – February): Winter in Belagavi ranges from November to February, wherein the temperature dips down to 9° C.

Most spoken languages

  • Hindi
  • English
  • Kannada
  • Marathi
  • Urdu
  • Konkani

How to reach Belagavi

  • By air: Belagavi Airport is located 10 km from the city centre at Sambra. It is the oldest airport in North Karnataka and is included under the UDAN 3 scheme. IndiGo now operates non-stop daily flights connecting Belgaum with Bengaluru and seamless connections to other key destinations in India.
  • By bus: Belagavi is well-connected with other states like Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Goa via the National Highway 4 and NH- 4A. Several bus service providers operate to and from Belgaum to other cities like Chennai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, and Pune.
  • By train: Belagavi offers excellent connectivity to major destinations like Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, etc., through a vast railways network.
  • Getting around Belagavi: Auto-rickshaws are the cheapest mode of transportation in the city. Buses are also another great mode to travel across the city at a nominal fee.
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Places to visit in Belagavi

  • The Kittur Fort and Palace: One of the prime historical sites in Karnataka, the Kittur Fort and Palace, is a must-visit for history lovers. The fort's main attractions include Maruti's temples (located inside the fort), Nathapanthi matha, Kalmeshwara, Dyamavva, and Basavanna. An archaeological museum has been set up in the fort to glance at various antiques like engraved wooden doors and windows of the palace, swords, weapons, and Hindu deities' idols.
  • Belgaum Fort: Built-in 1519, Belgaum Fort is an ancient fort positioned at the centre of the city. The fort is an impressive example of religious unification as various religious shrines are present in its premises. The entrance of the fort is adorned with the shrines of Goddess Durga and Lord Ganapati. Further, there are centuries-old mosques and a Jain temple. This state heritage monument is also a grand testimony to ancient architectural styles. Amazing patterns of the Chalukyan, Deccan and Indo-Saracenic architecture styles are visible on the domes, arches, and gateways of the fort. 
  • Kamal Basadi: Kamal Basadi is a stunning 10th century Jain temple with intricately carved pillars and ceilings. It is situated inside Belgaum Fort along with another temple Chikki Basadi. The name Kamal Basadi is due to the temple's Gumbaj built in lotus with 72 petals. There are various idols present within the temple, including Bhagwan Sumatinath in standing posture, Bhagwan parsvanath under the shade of 7 hooded Nagraj, Bhagwan Adinath in padmasana as idols of Navgraha.
  • Ramakrishna Ashrama: A visit to Ramakrishna Ashrama is sure to give you a good break from your hectic travel schedule. It is an excellent place for spiritual bonding and meditation.
  • Gokak Falls: Gokak Falls is known for its scenic natural beauty. The steady stream of water gushing from the height of 170 meters over the gorge is a sight not to be missed. The falls are a part of River Ghataprabha and got their name from the Goki trees present in the region. Gokak falls are famous for their swift movement that resemble Canada's Niagara Falls and its spread-eagle shape. The best time to visit the falls is between July and October. Belgaum is home to several other picturesque falls, such as the Godachinamalki Falls and Sural Falls, which are worth visiting.

Places to eat in Belagavi


Operating for over 28 years, Niyaaz chain of restaurants is known for serving authentic Indian delicacies. Their must-try dish is the local Belagavi Biryani prepared with Belagavi Basmati rice, delicious chunks of meat traditionally blended with vegetables and spices. The restaurant also offers lip-smacking kebabs, Awadhi dishes and various other delicacies prepared with fresh ingredients.

New Grand Restaurant
New Grand Restaurant

If you want to try some delicious vegetarian food, then this restaurant is a must visit. One of the most famous and value for money restaurants, it serves a variety of North Indian and South Indian dishes. The famous dishes here include soft dosa, fluffy Idli, and crunchy kurma poori. Their superb service and beautiful ambience further add value to the restaurant.

Tumkur Tatte Idli
Tumkur Tatte Idli

Tumkur Tatte Idli serves one of the best street food in Belagavi. This place is clean, spacious and serves delicious crunchy dosa, hot idlis, tangy chutney and karam podi, perfect to treat your taste buds. Their tatte idli is a must-try.

Paratha Corner
Paratha Corner

An ideal place to satiate your craving for North Indian food, Paratha corner is a blessing in disguise for the North Indian food lovers. Their menu boasts of every possible kind of stuffing for parathas. The restaurant offers take away option as well.


Shopping places in Belagavi

  • Cantonment Board Shopping Complex: This complex attracts tourists with its range of stalls selling food items and handicraft products. You must shop for some traditional items such as carved boxes, textiles, brassware and jewellery.
  • Neena Supermarket: This large traditional grocery store offers a variety of food and household products.

Where to stay in Belagavi


Hotel Eefa Located 13km away from the airport, Hotel Eefa is the only 4-star hotel in North Karnataka. It is close to several tourist spots and boasts of several modern amenities like a health club, banquet hall, a business centre, and a restaurant.


Hotel Sankam Residency This is an ideal option for luxury travellers as it offers good amenities such as, outdoor swimming pool, a fitness centre, valet parking, and a bar. Also, the rooms are well-equipped with necessary facilities like flat-screen TV, air conditioning, free toiletries, among others.


Fairfield by Marriott Belagavi Overlooking well-manicured gardens, Fairfield by Marriott Belagavi is a high-end luxury hotel, situated next to the Pune-Bengaluru National Highway. Heated swimming pool, 24/7 state-of-the-art fitness centre, light-filled ballroom, and pretty party lawns are what defines luxury in this hotel. It is ideal for leisure travellers.


Pai Resort Situated 3 km from the city centre and 8 km from the airport, Pai Resort is a perfect place for business travellers. It is close to all prime tourist spots and provides necessary facilities like room service, laundry, WiFi, conference, and banquet halls. The property boasts of spacious rooms with premium furnishings and beautiful interiors.

Nightlife/party places inBelagavi

  • OYE Punjabi
  • Vaishali Bar and Restaurant
  • Priya Dine Bar and Restaurant
  • Cibo Kitchen and Lounge Bar

More reasons to visit

  • Kapileshwara Temple: Also known as Dakshina Kashi, Kapileshwara Temple has immense religious importance. It is among the 12 Jyotirlingas and is visited by pilgrims. Legends believe that the linga in the Kapileshwara Temple originated in Belagavi itself. The temple also houses the shrine of Ganpati, Navagraha or nine planets, and Sai Baba.
  • Hidkal Dam: Hidkal Dam is a place with great archaeological importance due to the presence of precious fossils, scenic natural landscapes, and a wild spot to watch migratory birds like the Bar-headed geese and Demoiselle cranes. Building the Hidkal Dam was to generate electricity and supply water for irrigation & drinking purpose.
  • Rakaskop: Every city has its folktale, and Belagavi is no different. If you are interested in exploring the folktale of Belagavi, then do visit Raksaskop. Located 16 km from Belagavi, Rakaskop is known as the village of the demons. You will notice a massive cave in the shape of a seated human figure representing monsters' existence in the town long ago.

Things to do in Belagavi

Belagavi is not only for nature enthusiasts or history buffs, but it is also an ideal spot for adventure lovers. Trek through Yogi Kalla village's off-beat paths and the stunning valleys to experience a view of the sun-kissed mountain peaks. If that is not enough, Dandeli river rafting, also known as white water rafting in Dandeli. The stretch is about 12 km with grade 2 and 3 rapids and can be done by amateurs or professionals.

Places to visit near Belagavi

  • Goa: Goa needs no introduction. From beaches to forts, churches to museums, parties to casinos, Goa is the ideal holiday destination. It’s a place that never disappoints, instead surprise everyone with each visit.
  • Kolhapur: Kolhapur is known for religious and historical significance. The city is home to famous temples like Mahalaxmi Temple and archaeological sites such as Panhala Fort. Quite an exciting place to explore, Kolhapur is also known as the capital of the Marathi film industry.

Festivals in Belagavi

  • Ganesh Chaturthi: The Ganesh Chaturthi festival is celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm every year in the city. It is a festival worth experiencing if you are planning a trip to Belagavi.
  • Kite flying festival: A kite flying festival is a famous festival celebrated in January every year. Kites with beautiful designs from all over the world participate in this spectacular extravaganza.
  • The Karaga festival: The Karaga festival is celebrated in April in Belgaum. The Karaga is a pot with a tall floral crown, which a person carries the Karaga on his head while his better half (wife), dressed as a widow, takes off her bangles and Mangalasutra to her spouse to wear. She is not allowed to see him or the Karaga till the end of the festival.

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