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Bareilly Airport Guide (BEK)
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The town of Lord Shiva as it is popularly known is one of India’s holy places. It is also believed to be the birthplace of Draupadi, a female protagonist of the Mahabharat. Besides all the fables and fantasies that surround the town of Bareilly, there are also many places to visit like temples and museums. 

More than just jhumkas, Bareilly is your unexplored gateway to the Himalayas, offering the best of North Indian hill stations within a few hours’ reach. Some neighbouring Himalayan retreats: Nanital, Bhimtal and more, which can be easily accessed from Bareilly by road or rail. So, plan your getaway to Bareilly in the Uttar Pradesh state and explore away. 

Best time to visit Bareilly 

Winter months from December through February are the best time to visit Bareilly due to the cool climate conditions. Temperatures during this period average to around 15°C, making it comfortable for visitors to explore Bareilly. The average annual temperature in Bareilly is approximately 25°C. A breakdown of the different weather conditions in Bareilly throughout the year will make it easier to plan a trip to the city. 

  • Summers: Summers in Bareilly is from March through May. The weather gets really hot and humid during this time. Temperatures often soar above 40°C, making it an uncomfortable time to visit Bareilly. 
  • Monsoons: Monsoon in Bareilly in from June and extends till September. Rainfall in Bareilly is moderate, and temperatures generally stay in the mid-thirties range. 
  • Fall: The months of October to November are a pleasant time in Bareilly with the winters approaching the beautiful city's doorsteps. These months are also a great time to visit Bareilly and enjoy amicable weather conditions. 
  • Winters: The months of December through February are the winter season in the city. As mentioned earlier, this is the best time to visit Bareilly. The best months to visit are December and January when temperatures in the city hit the lowest mark. 

Languages spoken in Bareilly 

  • Hindi 
  • English
  • Urdu 

How to reach Bareilly 

  • By air: Bareilly Airport is located at the Air Force base in Izzatnagar. It became operational in 2019, and flights to and from Lucknow and Delhi are slated to become operational soon. 
  • By train: Bareilly junction is the main railway station in the city. There are six other railway stations in the city which are all operational and connect Bareilly to different parts of India and Uttar Pradesh. Bareilly is a part of the Central Railway zone of Indian Railways. It is connected very well to cities like Delhi, Kolkata, Lucknow, Agra and Guwahati. Bareilly is a place that visitors travelling to Uttarakhand pass through it if travelling by train. 
  • By bus: National Highway 30 is one of the many highways that passes through Bareilly and connects it to other country destinations. State-run buses and private buses both connect Bareilly via the state highways and national highways. There are frequent buses from New Delhi, Agra, Mathura, Jaipur, Lucknow and Varanasi.
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Places to visit in Bareilly

  • Alakhnath Temple: This temple is one of the major Shiva temples spread across Bareilly. This is a place which is frequented by pilgrims who regard Lord Shiva as their deity. The temple's architectural work is magnificent, and a 51-feet tall sculpture of Lord Hanuman stands at the entrance of this temple, making it a marvellous tourist site. 
  • Dargah E Aalahazrat Bareilly Sharif: Visiting the peaceful shrine is a great way to spend time in Bareilly. The serene atmosphere inside the Dargah is a contradiction to the busy area in Bareilly where the shrine is situated. The designer of the dome of the shrine is said to have designed it by using just matchsticks. 
  • Jat Regimental Centre: The Jat Regimental Centre is the Army Training Centre in Bareilly. The museum displays historical facets and imparts knowledge to visitors about one of the longest-serving regiments of the Indian Armed Forces. 
  • Ahichhatra: Ahichhatra is one of the most visited places in Bareilly. This is a very popular tourist site in Bareilly and a place of great historical and cultural significance. The history of the place goes back to being mentioned in the epic, Mahabharata. It is a monolithic structure and a lot of artefacts were discovered from this place, making Ahichhatra a site of great historical significance. Visitors can enjoy ancient architecture and also learn about the history of Bareilly. 
  • Fun City Amusement Park: Fun city amusement park is another great way for tourists to spend time in Bareilly. Enjoy a fun picnic and have fun on the thrilling rides. During the summers, tourists can also cool off in the various water rides in the park.

Places to eat in Bareilly

Aurum - The Elite Restaurant
Aurum - The Elite Restaurant

Enjoy lip-smacking North Indian cuisine when you visit Aurum. Regarded as one of the best restaurants in the city, Aurum offers a great ambience along with great food.

Kwality Restaurant & Bar
Kwality Restaurant & Bar

This food joint serves some of the town's best food. Locals swear by this place, as it has stood the test of time.

Sky Garden Terrace Lounge
Sky Garden Terrace Lounge

The rooftop eatery and bar is a very ambient place to enjoy a Bareilly dinner. It is a great place to visit with friends and enjoy good food along with refreshments.


Shopping in Bareilly

  • Phoenix United Mall: This mall is one of the largest shopping centres in Bareilly, and many fashion brands can be found here. You can even stop by the food court and savour fast-food if walking and shopping make you tired.
  • Urban Haat: Urban Haat is a great street shopping destination in Bareilly. From textiles to utensils, to handicrafts and much more, Urban Haat is a shopping destination where one can find everything. 
  • Shri Tirupati Art Jewellery: This place is great for buying jewellery at a low cost. There are various designs to choose from, and since the jewellery is imitation jewellery, it is available at very reasonable prices. 
  • B.I. Bazaar: B.I. Bazaar is another street shopping destination where visitors can shop for absolutely anything and everything. You can pick up great souvenirs and handicrafts to take back home from here.

Where to stay in Bareilly

  • Hotel Radiance Bareilly: The luxury property Hotel Radiance is one of the best hotels in Bareilly and offers great services to its guests. The hotel caters to both corporate and leisure visitors. It is very close to the Bareilly Junction and connected to most parts of the city very well. 
  • Hotel JM Vistaraa: The hotel is located very close to the highway to Delhi and the highway to Nainital. It is frequented by travellers who are travelling by road along these routes. The rooms have an ambient décor, and the service is also very great at this hotel. 
  • Hotel Diplomat Residency: Hotel Diplomat Residency is one of the best places to stay in Bareilly concerning its service and location. It is located very close to most landmarks and tourist spots in the city. There is a hotel pool to unwind after a tiring day, along with a gym, bar and free Wi-Fi facilities.

Nightlife in Bareilly

  • Hard Rock: Located at Hotel Pancham Continental, Hard Rock is a favourite among local partygoers. The ambience is great, and the lounge also serves some great food. 
  • The Hangover Restro & Bar: Visit the Hangover Restro and Bar for a laid back evening. 

Reasons to visit in Bareilly

  • Pilibhit Tiger Reserve: Only an hour-long ride away from Bareilly, Pilbhit Tiger Reserve is a great weekend getaway from Bareilly. The forest cover in the area is very scenic, and there are also ancient temples and monuments to explore in the Pilibhit Tiger Reserve.

Festivals in Bareilly

  • Hariyali Teej: Hariyali Teej is a monsoon festival which is celebrated wonderfully in Bareilly. The Hindu festival celebrates the matrimonial alliance of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. It is a lively festival which is celebrated along with dancing.

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