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Agartala is the capital of Tripura and the city has many places of interest like palaces, forts, temples and parks. To explore the city, you need to book flights to Agartala with IndiGo. By making your flight reservation with IndiGo, you can avail several benefits by scrolling through the 6E Add-ons.

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Kolkata to Agartala flights with IndiGo

Agartala has so much to see and do, it is one of Tripura’s best cities. Consequently, if you intend to visit Agartala, the following information is essential for your flight bookings.

Places to visit in Agartala

There are a lot of places to visit in Agartala, from palaces to museums, parks to temples. Some of the best places you can explore are listed below.

  • Ujjayanta Palace: The palace is one of the main sights for tourists in Agartala constructed in 1901. The marble floors and gorgeous doors are the main attraction in this palace. Rabindranath Tagore was a frequent visitor at this palace and the title he gave it was Ujjanta Jay'. The palace has public halls, darbars, and a library. This palace served as a meeting point for the Agartala legislative assembly from 2011 onwards. But today, this palace is a museum and tourist center of Agartala.
  • Heritage Park: One of the best parks in Agartala, heritage park is an ideal place to visit. All the famous state monuments such as Rajbari, Neermahala Palace, Unokoti and so on are represented in this park with small designs. Being the largest park in the city, you can spend some time relaxing and learning about Tripura's history. The park is decorated with stone and wood statues, adding to the beauty of it.
  • Tripura Sundari Temple: Located about 35 km from the city of Agartala, Tripura Sundari Temple is one of the oldest one of the attractive temples to visit in Agartala. To define the temple’s uniqueness is the fact that it is shaped in the form of tortoise. But another important factor that makes this temple holy is, Lord Shiva’s wife, Sati’s toe fell. Thus, it is considered one of the 51 Shakti Peeth.
  • Neermahal Palace: Also called the Lake Palace of Agartala, it deserves a visit while here. This palace is the largest in India surrounded by lake making it more beautiful to see. During the evening, light show is organised, highlighting the history. The lake around the palace also has several sports to partake in. Neermahal Palace has a lovely mix of Hindu and Muslim architecture style.
  • Tripura State Tribal Museum: In the famous Tripura State Tribal Museum you can experience a rich culture of Agartala, right from handicrafts to tribal instruments and clothing. Tripura State Tribal Museum is considered to be amongst the top places to visit to learn about the state’s history and also to buy authentic mementos. Here, you can find displays of around 19 tribes of the state.

Know Maharaja Bir Bikram Airport

Maharaja Bir Bikram Airport or simply Agartala Airport is located around 12 km northwest from the city in Singerbhil. The airport code is IXA.

Reasons to visit Kolkata

Kolkata, a city in eastern India, is one of the cities that attract travellers because of its splendid palaces and remarkable tramway system which has been operating for many years. Please check with us for any information about these sights if you're booking a flight to Kolkata.

  • Dakshineswar Temple: It's a temple devoted to the goddess Kali. It's located in the vicinity of the holy Ganga River, and was built by Rani Rashmi.
  • Victoria Memorial: You should go to the Victoria Memorial if you'd like to see places that remind you of British architecture. It was designed in honor of Queen Victoria, by the order of Lord Curzon.
  • Tangra Market or Chinatown:If you're the kind of food lover, Tangra market also known as Chinatown is something to look out for. To satisfy your appetites, try the momos, dishes, noodles and méin.
  • Eden Gardens: The stadium is a member of the Indian army and was set up in 1864. The stadium is managed by the Bengal Cricket Association and all games have been played there.
  • Park Street: From the famous Park Street you can shop as much as you'd like. You'll find anything on Park Street from sarees to a whole range of other stuff.

Know Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport

Kolkata Airport or Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport is 16 km from the city. The IATA code of the airport is CCU.

FAQs about Kolkata to Agartala flights

Where can I get good offers on flights for Kolkata to Agartala route?

While booking your upcoming flight with IndiGo, don’t forget to check out a range of offers and that can be availed. For all the latest offers, visit IndiGo Offers

What is the name and code of Agartala airport?

Agartala Airport is located at about 12km northwest of the city in Singerbhil. The airport code is IXA.

What is the refund policy for my flight cancellation?

In order to seek any information related to flight cancellation and refund, visit IndiGo Refund Policy.

How far is Agartala airport from the city?

The distance between the airport and the main city of Agartala is about 12km and it takes about 20 minutes.

What is the best time to visit Agartala?

Tourists can visit the beautiful city of Agartala all year long. However, April to July is the best time for sightseeing the city at its best.

What are the modes of transport available from Agartala airport?

Cabs and auto-rickshaws are accessible outside the airport. The drivers rush around the arrival entryway and are generally dependable. The drive to the city takes roughly 20 minutes.

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