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Indore to Kolkata flight with IndiGo

For those travelling from Indore to Kolkata, IndiGo offers a pleasant travel experience at the lowest fares. Known as the ‘city of joy’, Kolkata is one of the most historically significant cities of India. It was the first capital city of the country, as appointed by the British. There are shrines dedicated to great writers such as Rabindranath Tagore and Sharat Chandra Chatterjee. Book your return Kolkata to Indore flight with IndiGo to avail the best deals on round trips.

Best deals on Indore to Kolkata flight tickets

IndiGo offers direct as well as connecting Indore to Kolkata flights. IndiGo provides the lowest booking charges and cancellation fees. Furthermore, it also provides the 6E add-ons such as— Excess Baggage, Seat Plus and Fast Forward for a comfortable Indore to Kolkata flight. You can book your Indore to Kolkata flight tickets through the IndiGo website and the IndiGo mobile app. IndiGo also offers various other cheap flight booking options from Kolkata to Surat, Kolkata to Indore, Kolkata to Nagpur and Kolkata to Kochi, for those of you looking for an onward journey from Kolkata.

Kolkata - City of joy and culture

Kolkata is one of the four primary cities in India, a cultural hub with a vast history. It is a city of monumental importance concerning art, science and ethnicity, home to the greatest of minds that have made contributions to society on a global scale. So, book your flight tickets from Indore to Kolkata on IndiGo’s website now in order to avail the cheapest air tickets.

Things to do in Kolkata

Victoria Memorial: Visit this beautiful marble palace built during the British period, dedicated to Queen Victoria. One can explore the surrounding greenery by taking a horse-driven chariot ride, or simply go inside the palace and see the historical artefacts stored there. It is regarded as the most popular picnic spot in Kolkata.

Kalighat: One can visit the temple of Kalighat, one of the most critical places in Kolkata, that sees a crowd of thousands of people every day to pay their offerings to the deity, Goddess Kali.

Tourist attractions in Kolkata

Indian Museum: Built during the British era, it is the oldest museum present in India and the ninth oldest museum in the world. It has a rare collection of antique armours, ornaments, skeletons, Mughal paintings and even mummies, with both Indian and Trans Indian elements.

St. Paul's Cathedral: This Anglican cathedral is one of the most regarded spots in Kolkata, best known for its Gothic architecture. It is the largest cathedral in Kolkata and Asia's first Episcopal Church.

Best time to visit Kolkata

When it comes to the weather, the best time to visit Kolkata is from November to February. However, to experience the true spirit of the city, one must visit in October, during the Durga Puja, when the city is bursting with joy during nine day-long festivities.

Modes of transport in Kolkata

Apart from the regular taxi services, people still rely on the traditional yellow taxis, the vintage ambassador cars to get around the city. There are numerous local buses available that arrive at certain spots at designated regular intervals. Trams, one of the most accessible modes of transport dating back to the British period, still runs on the tracks laid down on the roads of Kolkata.

Weather in Kolkata

With the presence of the Bay of Bengal, Kolkata is bestowed with all-round humid weather. Summers (May to July) might get unbearably hot with temperatures escalating to 40°C and above, with extreme humidity.

Airport in Kolkata

Located about 17 km away from the city centre, the ‘Dum Dum’ Airport is now called Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport located in Dum Dum, Kolkata. It is one of the two international airports operating in West Bengal, the other one being Bagdogra. In 2014-2015 it was awarded the Best Improved Airport title in the Asia Pacific Region.

IATA code: CCU

Indore - The city of palaces

Present in the heart of India, the culturally diverse city of Indore is located in Madhya Pradesh. Indore is most famous for its fortresses that were built during the British Rule, under the dominance of the Holkar dynasty. The Lal Bagh Palace and the Rajwada Palace are busy tourist spots, known for their grandeur. Our Indore to Kolkata flights at the lowest fares will provide you with a comfortable overall travel experience.

Things to do in Indore

Visit Pipliyapala Regional Park- This park is a beautiful amalgamation of fun and relaxation, with scenic beauty to calm the senses and recreational activities and offers a display of decorative fountains, gardens and canals. One can also go on a boat ride to see the waterway.

Sarafa Bazar- To satisfy one's taste buds and fill their stomachs with the best street food, one can visit the Sarafa Bazar, which stays open even in the later hours of the night, serving delicacies like pani puri and jalebis.

Tourist attractions in Indore

Kanch Mandir- This temple is made out of glass, as suggested by its name and the artwork on these glasses showcases the teachings of Jainism.

Lal Bagh Palace - The kings from the Holkar dynasty, resided in this grand palace, that spreads across a magnificent 28 acres of land, tastefully done with gorgeous interiors.

Best time to visit Indore

The best months to visit Indore are from October to March when the sun is a little kind to the city. The monsoon seasons are also pleasant but are a risky time to travel.

Modes of transport in Indore

One can hail the city buses, autorickshaws (Indore Magic) and taxis to get around in Indore.

Weather in Indore

Indore has a humid subtropical climate and experiences three distinct seasons i.e. Summer, Monsoon and Winter. During the Monsoon season, Indore receives moderate rainfall. Due to its high elevation and inland location, even on the hottest days nights remain relatively cool.

Airports in Indore

Indore has only one airport, called the Devi Ahilya Bai Holkar Airport. It is an international airport, mainly serving Indore and other nearby locations. It is situated eight km west of the city and is known as the busiest airport in central India.


FAQs about Indore to Kolkata flights

Is there any non-stop Indore to Kolkata flight?

Yes, IndiGo provides direct Indore to Kolkata flights with minimal travel time. Please refer to the website for more details. 

How many flights fly from Indore to Kolkata every day?

IndiGo provides over 25 flights from Indore to Kolkata, including both direct and connecting flights.  

How do I check my Indore to Kolkata flight status?

Check your flight status by using the flight booking details and pnr number on the website.

Which areas are known for shopping in Kolkata?

Park Street and New Market are busy and bustling shopping spots, along with the Gariahat Market and the different malls located in this city. 

What are the best-known monuments and cultural places in Kolkata?

The best-known sites in Kolkata are the Victoria Memorial, the Birla Temple, the Writer's Building and the different churches and cathedrals dotting the city.

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